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Welcome to Our School Reunion

Our School Reunion is your online place for connecting with old friends and classmates.

Our School Reunion offers FREE full access to all areas with no limitations. Registration entitles you to participate in the message boards and image contributions to help build the online yearbook and photo album. Our School Reunion is completely supported by your patronage to our advertisers. No hidden fees, restrictions or membership upgrades.

Our School Reunion currently hosts over 200 schools with many features geared to your school’s location. We offer local weather and also area maps with satellite imaging courtesy of Google Earth. The recently enhanced message board lets you communicate with friends to catch up, reminisce or announce upcoming events such as your school’s reunion. The photo albums and online yearbooks let you post photos with captions to recreate your school yearbook. There are local links for merchants and special advertising (completely free advertising) with text and graphics. The message board has been enhanced with a picture magnifier to enlarge the poster’s “then and now” pictures. New features are in the works and suggestions for features you want to see are always welcomed.

Of course Our School Reunion isn’t restricted to just high schools. Elementary, junior high schools and colleges are welcomed. Our School Reunion is opened to all organizations businesses or such, that has a need to create a reunion or community gathering place on the internet. Family reunions can also be accommodated.

There is a main community forum for Our School Reunion in addition to the forums for your school where you can ask questions, find more information about Our School Reunion the or leave comments and praises (praises are nice to hear).

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